What will Happen

On your first visit, I will take a detailed case history to discuss current concerns, general health and any past medical history. If you are bringing your child, it is useful to bring their red book, or relevant hospital and specialist reports, as well as details of any current medications.

As an osteopath, I am concerned with the bigger picture. We will therefore go through a very detailed review of pregnancy, birth, and your child’s development, both socially and physically.

After a full osteopathic assessment and evaluation, we will discuss your diagnosis (or that of your child) and your treatment plan so that you really understand it.

If appropriate, there will be some treatment on the initial consultation. Occasionally you may be referred to your GP or other specialist for further investigations. The reasons for this will always be clearly discussed with you.

Pregnant mothers

Please wear comfortable clothes, leggings and a vest top is ideal.

Babies and toddlers
An osteopathic assessment checks the developmental milestones relevant to your child’s age including their social/physical development. The initial assessment session will involve undressing your baby down to their nappy, there will also be a brief period where it is necessary to remove the nappy to check hip mobility and musculature.

Children and Adolescents
It is important to check the full development of children, this will involve looking at the standing posture, watching them crawl or walk as well the checking their physical and emotional development. It is important to see the whole back which will need them undressed to their underwear, teenagers may prefer to wear a crop top.

Post treatment recommendations
You may feel more discomfort for 24-48 hours after treatment, if this discomfort persists it is best to call me so that I can advise you accordingly. It is advisable to avoid any strenuous activity as your body readjusts after the treatment and is temporarily more vulnerable.

Babies and young children tend to be more relaxed after treatment, but can occasionally they may be more unsettled after treatment. This should settle down within 24-48 hours. If this persists or you have any concerns following treatment it is important to call me so that I can advise and reassure accordingly.

More often children are very tired after treatment, so it is advisable to allow them some quiet time after treatment if possible. They also need to be kept hydrated after treatment.