What Patients Say

Fiona treated my daughter F., when she was about a month old; when F. was born I didn’t notice her head was flat on one side and over the next few weeks it became apparent that she would only sleep with her head looking one way despite us trying to encourage her to turn the other way. After a few weeks you could noticeably see a change in her head shape – like it had slipped forward and sideways which affected the jaw and ears– not attractive! A friend saw her and told me to take her to see Fiona. Fiona has now treated her over the last six months and helped to balance the bones on the head and the rest of her body. She also loosened the muscles in her neck, which we believe was caused by being breech and was also causing F. to look left the entire time. Following Fiona’s treatments and advice and keeping up with the exercises my daughter now has a perfectly normal shaped head and her jaw is now aligned as are her ears! We are grateful that we had Fiona to treat this early because it could have caused problems as she got older and would have been so much harder to work to manipulate things as the skull fuses together. Thank you!”
Mother of F. (6 months) who had a severe plagiocephaly (flattening of the head)

I saw Fiona while I was pregnant with my first child for back pain and she managed to sort me out in a couple of sessions. I then took my first child for a check up when she was getting very unsettled, when she started to projectile vomit Fiona recognised that something wasn’t right and sent me to hospital to have her checked. She was diagnosed with pyloric stenosis and was operated on the next day. We saw Fiona after her surgery and she released the scar tissue around her chest which then seemed to get tight each time she had a growth spurt. A little example was at 6 months when she had a series of eye infections and I was about to start giving her prescribed medicines when Fiona suggested she took another look at her, within 10 minutes she had released the scar tissue which was effecting her tear ducts and her eye infections cleared up.

When my second child was born Fiona was already treating J. when she recognised a change in her physiology, the same symptoms as before appeared soon after. After her operation Fiona was on hand and again we saw her sporadically during her first year. T. and J. are now 2 and 3 and happy, healthy, very active toddlers.

Not only was Fiona’s expertise invaluable in my children’s early years but her understanding of what I was going through and the emotional support she gave was invaluable to me also.
Mother of T. and J.

I was referred to Fiona by a lactation consultant when my baby had her tongue tie treated. A. was born with a 75% tongue tie. Within a few hours of her birth, I noticed that she couldn’t suckle properly. But she was not formerly diagnosed for several days. This meant that she lost a lot of weight and we ended up in A and E. A. (and the rest of the family) became distraught and very tense. Luckily we found a wonderful lactation consultant who initiated a feeding program and treated the tongue tie. However even once her tongue tie was snipped, A. still took several weeks to learn how to breast feed. Her neck was damaged by a very fast birth and probably also by midwives pushing her onto the breast too roughly. She was also unable to open her mouth very wide which meant we had to syringe feed her expressed milk for over three weeks. It was a very difficult time but Fiona was a godsend. Under her care A. improved every few days. She became much less tense and her neck loosened quickly and within two weeks she could open her mouth wide enough to feed with a nipple guard. She is now solely breastfed and very calm. Fiona visited us several times during those difficult weeks and was always reassuring, calm and positive, helping our whole family to cope.
Though always honest about the difficulty we would face teaching A to suckle, Fiona’s gentle presence and genuine ability made it feel possible.

Fiona has now started treating my older daughter. J is long sighted in both eyes and so needs some extra help with her balance and co-ordination.

Fiona is clearly dedicated to the women and children she treats. She goes out of her way to make you feel cared for and calm even at the most vulnerable times. She has made a very positive difference to our lives.
Mother of J. (4) and A. (3 months)

Fiona is extremely passionate about what she does, which spills out in to the care and attention she gives to her patients. The results I have witnessed not only in myself but with my son and daughter have been nothing short of outstanding. And her warm, bright, enthusiastic manner and the ability to explain to her clients in layman terms about the treatment they are about to undertake is second to none. I am a true advocate of osteopathy after my experiences and treatment from Fiona Greer. I have and will continue to recommend Fiona to friends and family.
Mother of O. (5), F. (2) and I. (3months).