Osteopathy supports the postural and physiological changes taking place during pregnancy. As pregnancy progresses, the growing uterus together with hormonal changes in the ligaments may cause old problems to recur or may contribute towards new problems, especially lower back pain. Osteopathy is effective in restoring good alignment making your pregnancy more comfortable.

Common reasons why women see an osteopath during pregnancy include back pain; pelvic pain (including pubic symphysis dysfunction – SPD); diaphragm and rib pain; breathing restrictions; nausea and heartburn. Osteopathy may also be used to work on other problems during pregnancy such as local circulatory and digestive problems.

The treatment of pregnant women is gentle, including rhythmic mobilization of joints; relaxation and stretching of muscles; soft tissue massage and subtle indirect release techniques. Your treatment will be tailored to encourage normal function and balance during your progressing pregnancy. Gentle osteopathic techniques are beneficial and safe at all stages in the pregnancy.

Preparation for labour

Osteopaths check your pelvis to ensure it is balanced and to facilitate optimum health in preparation for labour. While helping you and your body prepare for the birth I also assess and integrate optimal positioning and growth for your baby within the uterus to further assist the smooth passage through the birth canal during delivery.

Following childbirth
Delivery places considerable demands on the pelvis, particularly after a prolonged labour or a delivery with the assistance of forceps or ventouse. Unresolved strains in your pelvis can contribute to ongoing back and pelvic pain, neck pain, headaches and general fatigue. A caesarean delivery is major abdominal surgery and your body needs optimum pelvic health and balance to assist recovery.

As your child grows, breast-feeding posture and mastitis can place postural strain on your body and can lead to general back and chest aches and pains.

Gentle osteopathic treatment helps restore balance of the musculoskeletal system and pelvic health following childbirth. It can assist your recovery from the postural and hormonal changes of pregnancy, supporting the natural healing process and allowing you to relax and enjoy your baby.