Osteopathic assessments during childhood focus on the importance of growing and developing in a balanced and healthy way and on helping children achieve their full potential.

As your child grows the effect of a difficult birth or the inevitable childhood bumps and falls, can make them more vulnerable to other health problems. Children can complain of aches and pains in different parts of the body including headaches and growing pains. Or perhaps as a parent you notice that something is ‘out of character’ or just not right with your child’s health or behaviour. I take these concerns seriously as there is usually a reason for them.

Imbalances, strains and restrictions in the musculoskeletal system of the growing child may cause discomfort and influence the normal growth and development in different ways. Maintaining good mobility and balance helps provide an optimum physical environment for the body to function and develop. I also believe that regular monitoring of the developing child – much like a dental or eye check up – can help prevent problems later in life.

As an experienced paediatric osteopath I have some patients with long-term health problems and disabilities. I believe osteopathic treatment can help all children be as well as possible and support them to function to their fullest ability, whatever health issues they have. For example, they may benefit from osteopathic treatment for muscle spasm and pain, or treatment for their jaw or neck pain from tooth grinding. Similarly, a child with sensory processing disorders may find their growing pains or backache much more debilitating than their peers, which osteopathy can help address.