I have been lecturing in the paediatric field since 2008 in the UK and in Europe.  I was a lecturer at the Osteopathic Centre for Children in London for 10 years and introduced a monthly interdisciplinary CPD programme at Whole Child Therapy until Oct 2018.

Although my lectures are mainly focused on osteopathic treatment concepts, they are also uniquely influenced by the interdisciplinary expertise I have built up working closely with top paediatric medical professionals such as; Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, Clinical and Educational Psychology, Play Therapy and Paediatric Physical Rehabilitation therapists.

My area of expertise include; Childhood conditions, an Osteopathic Collaboration in the Treatment of Sensory Integration.






I have also covered many other topics in discussion based tutorials/lectures with post-graduate paediatric osteopathy students such as pregnant and childbirth, first breath, diaphragm anatomy, paediatric red flags, sleep disturbances, Auditory development and dysfunction, Visual dysfunction, and Breathing regulation.

Please contact me with any specific themes or topics you would like me to present.