About Fiona

I feel very privileged to do a job that I love and where I feel I make a difference. Since qualifying in 1997, my practice gradually shifted to focus more on care during pregnancy, birth and delivery, and on children. In 2005 I decided to dedicate my whole focus to paediatric osteopathy. Working in the paediatric field is not always easy, but the resilience of babies and children to cope with whatever life throws their way never fails to amaze me.

As well as the joy and happiness our children give us, I know first hand of the ongoing challenges a parent is faced with as their children grow up. Babies and young children can’t communicate and even with older children, a parent often has a gut instinct that something is ‘just not right’. If you have any concerns about your child these will be discussed and I will work with you to help identify the best approach to their care.

I know how important it is for parents to truly understand exactly what is happening to their child. I believe that parents should be empowered to be as active as possible in the care of their children, and this should also include the whole family.

I passionately believe that all children can benefit from early intervention to allow them to be gently guided through the rocky road of childhood to help them achieve their true potential.